Global Gamejam Nantes 2015

Arcade & Infinite scoring
Touch controls

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Two climbers surprised by a storm. They need to go down faster than the thunder avoiding enemies and spikes.
Level is infinite with procedural generation of chunks, bonus and enemies. This is a scoring based game with arcade feeling.

Participate to the Android Closed Beta.

Prototyped during the Global Gamejam 2015 with developer Pierre Chabiland on Flash. I remade it alone with my graphic assets on Construct2 to learn development. It was my first game design and my first dev. It then become the experimentation subject of all my learning process (touch controls, procedural level, optimization, pixel-art…). Sustained by Casus Ludi, Pierre enterprise’s. We are now looking for a good mobile publisher.



TOUCH CONTROLS on mobiles and tablets
MOUSE CONTROL on computer

Make the gesture of the jump to make one character jumping in the same direction

Gesture speed and length
change the jump force



Game Design / Graphic Design / Dev : Rémi Gourrierec
Sound Design : Louis Godart

Development prototype : Pierre Chabiland
Snake animation : Tom Malucin

screenshot01 screenshot01 screenshot02