Global Gamejam 2016

6 levels

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Eight priests make invocations.
Memorize the pattern and repeat it to invoke the beasts.

Short and easy game.

Created for the Global Gamejam 2016. Theme was “Invocation”. The original idea for this game was to work only with binaural audio on headphones, without the lights. Monk was identified by where his sound come from. Sadly, we didn’t find the way to make it work efficiently for diagonal positions. Too much guessing between back and front.
So after the jam I’ve transformed the game to a more simple visual memory game. Basic idea. To learn something regardless, I’ve worked on 2D dynamic lighting and HUD integration.



Use only your MOUSE
Click on the monks to repeat sequence



Game Design / Graphic Design / Dev : Rémi Gourrierec
Sound Design : Louis Godart
screenshot01 screenshot02