Ludum Dare 40

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2 players only

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Two fighting spacepilots crashed on an empty planet. They need fuel to get off.
Plant seeds to grow fuel plants (to get off), barriers plants (to keep the other soldier away) and mine plants (to make him lose his carrying fuel). Beware! If you can steal your opponent plants, he can do the same.
The night will kill you! Return to your spaceship when the night come to stay alive.

This game won the Nantes Utopiales Gamejam 2017 contest. Fourth time in a row for my games. Theme was “Procrastination”.
Made with the Kill The Queen team again.



Playable with Keyboard or Gamepad




Game Design / Dev / UI : Rémi Gourrierec
Graphic Design : Raphaël Beuchot
Spaceships : Michel Belleperche
Sound Design: Louis Godart
screenshot01 screenshot02 screenshot03